Social Media. Breaking it down. 

I have lived a long time.  Most of my life was lived without the Internet, smart phones, Outlook, Facebook, Instagram, and, heaven forbid, Twitter.  Where would our president be without it?  And all of my life I was totally fine without it.  I remember the first computer we ever had, back in the eighties.  It was a monster looking plastic box with a screen and a whole lot of learning came along with it.  I never had a personal email until my oldest son was around sixteen years of age.  Did I ever really need an email address? 

Recently I approached an Autism specialty school for a family and the intake person said ” what is their email address?”  I told her they didn’t have one.  The voice on the other side said “now that’s a problem…they have to have an email because that is how everyone communicates from the school to the parent about the child”.  This goes right along with my thought process recently.  My fight for the in person response.

I am making an effort to walk away from social media. Most of my waking hours are spent in front of a screen at work.  My neck and head aches have gotten out of hand.  My eyes bother me.  My heart breaks when I see posts in FB that exclude me. Everyone appears to have the perfect This, the perfect That.  It’s too much.  Then I tend to think about how fake things appear to be.  Friends aren’t really friends. They are characters on a screen that I end up modeling my thoughts and feelings after. 

Then there’s this thing that allows anyone to say and do anything on media.  I can de-friend anyone and have.  I can cheer the stranger with the same attitude about global warming on Twitter.  I can see the person I thought was one of my best friends on Instagram though I never see her in person any more.  

The break up from social media has just begun.  I am a neophyte at it. It’s hard work.  It requires more effort to meet in person or pick up the phone or heaven forbid, a meaningful hand written letter.  But I fear for us as humans. We are going in the wrong direction.  Technology is changing us. Our connections.  Our love. 

It takes a village to march toward real connection.  I’m starting that in small ways.  I need that break.  And I don’t care who wants to comment on it. Like it or not. 

The Cat on my Shoulder

The cat on my shoulder is an insistent character.  He is a big personality and he insists on striving to run my life.  His way.  He has some bigger than life issues.  He has to eat the best, most expensive food that money can buy at Tractor Supply.  It keeps him from having an upset stomach, eliminating constant clean up from illness.  As a result, he is growing big and strong.  Strong enough to scare and intimidate guests that come by.  Recently he showed his lion-like stance to a sun room contractor (no, I cannot afford a sun room). This man insisted that ALL cats love him.  Until my cat showed him that it just wasn’t so. This cat turned into a mean, nasty, growling, spitting, snarling, menacing feline that even frightened me.  And he doesn’t frighten me.  Ever.  So what do you do with a cat like him?  I found a book in a lovely library in North Carolina last year that was on this very subject.  Cat behavior.  Bad cat behavior. And what to do about it.  I’ve tried everything.  The only thing I haven’t tried is therapy.  On myself.  It just might help.  img_0126

Life Is Like A Dance (hopefully with party shoes on)

I’m of the opinion that without dancing, life would be extremely boring.  I have never formally taken a lesson, but grew up with a maternal grandmother that was the vision of everything that I aspired to me.  She was very feminine, had expensive tastes in perfume and loved to watch figure skating and dancing – think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  She reminded me of Lucille Ball (her name was Lucille) and dressing up in her clothes and costume jewelry filled my world with color and  elegance.  I danced in her living room, in the yard, garage and front porch.  Music moves me every single time. 

Fast forward to years ago when I lived in a small town that hosted singles dances once a month in the white church basement.  Although coupled with a great guy(we weren’t really single), we attended the dances all the time and had the best friends anyone could ask for. We got to really know each other and became not just dance partners but extremely good friends. Those days are long over and hard to recreate.  Missed are the familiar faces, the care that happens in a small rural town where people know your name and care about your life.  I often find that missing in a big city. Perhaps it’s my fault.  Not sure. 

My guy was the best dancer.  Everyone wanted to dance with him!  We moved across the dance floor as if on air and came home full of jokes and shared stories and a whole lot of love.  There are times when truly it would be wonderful to go back and revisit those good old dance days with the great and not so great dj’s, the good songs and not so good, depending on the person doing the set. 

Then there are the old songs, old time rock and roll that bring back all the memories and remind you that lost times are never truly lost.  They live in you long past the days gone by. Life is a gift.  Dance your way through it. 

Things we may never know

A couple years ago a friend of mine lost his sister to a long battle with breast cancer.  I had only met her twice but felt that honoring her life was very important to those she left behind.  I made a personal phone call, sent a sympathy card and ordered a memorial candle to have shipped to him in her memory.  That was all I was able to do at the time. 

I had no idea the impact that would make on someone’s life. 

The memorial candle was so well received by her husband that he asked for it to be a part of her memorial funeral service.  It was with her at the casket.  And accompanied her to her cremation ceremony.  It meant more to him than I can ever have imagined.  

One small gesture became one beautiful thing that transcends time and place.  One small gesture can help heal a heart.  One small gesture can suture a break.  

When I heard this story, I was flooded with emotion.  There is so much more to do and it begins today. 

Memorial candles will be my next focus.  I have found a beautiful thing to celebrate a life. 

WordPress Celebration/Goodbye 2016

I’m basically a positive person.  I fight negativity.  I would rather encourage and be inspired.  I use this venue to place my thoughts into an electronic spot, eliminating the paper and pen approach.  It’s easier to edit, press forward, a lot like life.  It’s my WordPress anniversary and although I have few readers, I will continue to craft my own blogs and do what I enjoy here. 

Today I wish to watch as 2016 fades away. It has been a year that has seen a lot of changes in the world that frighten me to the core.  I will remain positive!  I will stand up for my own personal opinion.  I will fight for what I find to be my own personal truth. It isn’t easy sometimes to say how you really feel especially in this climate but I am going to try!   

I’m rewriting this new year, and it is going to be a good one.  Goodbye 2016. Thank you for my new grand-daughter, and for surviving a pretty major GI surgery.  It’s all good.

The Earth Rests

Winter, again. 

Ah, winter.  The boots, hats, gloves, coats, long underwear, long evenings spent watching old movies, sitting by the fire. 

Is it worth time and effort to lament it away? 

I recently picked up 10.5 knitting needles and cream colored yarn with streams of gold and learned the ancient art of knitting.  Winter has silently started to melt away.  While my needles click and clack, my mind and body relaxes into a mellow state.  I feel the day’s tension is no longer an issue.  I’m no longer concerned that the weather outside is keeping me off the trails at the ponds and the egrets and sand hill cranes have flown south.  I’m not reading articles about politics and all that craziness.  I’m creating, something that wasn’t and now is.  

I’m learning to add yarn after the string runs out.  Oh the possibilities are endless.  Unlike winter, that will end and usher in warmer days until I can get back to the beach. 

Perspective on a day slated to be a Polar Vortex.  While I click and clack, I will dream about wintry activities and write about them. 

I guess while the earth rests I will too. 

Seeker of Knowledge

It’s a curse to be so inquisitive. Or maybe I just think it is. I want to understand too many things. Acupuncture for instance.  How does poking a tiny needle into a meridian make a difference in the body, creating less pain and more euphoria?   Essential oils.  How does the oil from lavender cross the blood brain area and produce good results for the recipient?  Horses. Why are they so much like humans in temperament? How can they read the rider’s emotions?  Surgeons.  Why are they so intelligent and have the ability to do so many intricate healing designs in the human body after the anesthesia takes hold?  Authors. Why do some people have a knack for sitting down to pen words that can remain through eons of time?  Dancers.  How do dancers learn and remember all the steps of the ballroom and make it look like they are floating on air?  Pilots. Every time I get in an airplane I look at the pilot.  Why are they always so handsome?  How do they do what they do and do it safely? I can barely do it on a game simulator on my phone.  Sales people.  I don’t have that gene.  Dog trainers.  My dogs have zero manners.  I haven’t a clue.  But I try and learn. Architects. Interior designers. Chefs. Playwrights. Actors. Actresses.  How do the humble people at the local community theater remember all those lines?  And what about the person who wrote the play to begin with?  

These things make me realize how much talent we all have inside our curious souls.  And having written this, I tend to believe that curiosity is a gift.  My mother-in- law once asked me if I would ever stop looking and doing all that I do. After many years and by the stacks of books on so many topics of interest, I believe that the answer would be no.