The Cat on my Shoulder

The cat on my shoulder is an insistent character.  He is a big personality and he insists on striving to run my life.  His way.  He has some bigger than life issues.  He has to eat the best, most expensive food that money can buy at Tractor Supply.  It keeps him from having an upset stomach, eliminating constant clean up from illness.  As a result, he is growing big and strong.  Strong enough to scare and intimidate guests that come by.  Recently he showed his lion-like stance to a sun room contractor (no, I cannot afford a sun room). This man insisted that ALL cats love him.  Until my cat showed him that it just wasn’t so. This cat turned into a mean, nasty, growling, spitting, snarling, menacing feline that even frightened me.  And he doesn’t frighten me.  Ever.  So what do you do with a cat like him?  I found a book in a lovely library in North Carolina last year that was on this very subject.  Cat behavior.  Bad cat behavior. And what to do about it.  I’ve tried everything.  The only thing I haven’t tried is therapy.  On myself.  It just might help.  img_0126


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