Life Is Like A Dance (hopefully with party shoes on)

I’m of the opinion that without dancing, life would be extremely boring.  I have never formally taken a lesson, but grew up with a maternal grandmother that was the vision of everything that I aspired to me.  She was very feminine, had expensive tastes in perfume and loved to watch figure skating and dancing – think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  She reminded me of Lucille Ball (her name was Lucille) and dressing up in her clothes and costume jewelry filled my world with color and  elegance.  I danced in her living room, in the yard, garage and front porch.  Music moves me every single time. 

Fast forward to years ago when I lived in a small town that hosted singles dances once a month in the white church basement.  Although coupled with a great guy(we weren’t really single), we attended the dances all the time and had the best friends anyone could ask for. We got to really know each other and became not just dance partners but extremely good friends. Those days are long over and hard to recreate.  Missed are the familiar faces, the care that happens in a small rural town where people know your name and care about your life.  I often find that missing in a big city. Perhaps it’s my fault.  Not sure. 

My guy was the best dancer.  Everyone wanted to dance with him!  We moved across the dance floor as if on air and came home full of jokes and shared stories and a whole lot of love.  There are times when truly it would be wonderful to go back and revisit those good old dance days with the great and not so great dj’s, the good songs and not so good, depending on the person doing the set. 

Then there are the old songs, old time rock and roll that bring back all the memories and remind you that lost times are never truly lost.  They live in you long past the days gone by. Life is a gift.  Dance your way through it. 


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