The Earth Rests

Winter, again. 

Ah, winter.  The boots, hats, gloves, coats, long underwear, long evenings spent watching old movies, sitting by the fire. 

Is it worth time and effort to lament it away? 

I recently picked up 10.5 knitting needles and cream colored yarn with streams of gold and learned the ancient art of knitting.  Winter has silently started to melt away.  While my needles click and clack, my mind and body relaxes into a mellow state.  I feel the day’s tension is no longer an issue.  I’m no longer concerned that the weather outside is keeping me off the trails at the ponds and the egrets and sand hill cranes have flown south.  I’m not reading articles about politics and all that craziness.  I’m creating, something that wasn’t and now is.  

I’m learning to add yarn after the string runs out.  Oh the possibilities are endless.  Unlike winter, that will end and usher in warmer days until I can get back to the beach. 

Perspective on a day slated to be a Polar Vortex.  While I click and clack, I will dream about wintry activities and write about them. 

I guess while the earth rests I will too. 


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